Monday, May 16, 2011

Shaping the Hair down there into your own Piece of Art.

Ok, you have made it here by following the link through trimming pubic hair.  So you obviously are interested in the concept/process or you wouldn't be here.  We have already discussed the whole scenerio of havinf un-sightly hair poking and pushing out of your swimsuit, shorst, underwear, etc.  And you obviously want to do something about it. you for caring.  I am sure your close friends and partners will truly thank you for taking the time.

If you have mastered the trimming process explained on the last page, then you are ready to hurle yourself into the shaping facet of making your pubic hair a work of art.  There are two ways of designing and shaping your pubic regions into the style and design you want.  The hardest and oldest way is using a trimmer like the whal trimmer discussed in the trimming section of this blog.  This method is limited to BASIC shapes!!!

Step 1:  You first need to get an idea of what shape you want to make.  You can get ideas from those you have seen before in magazines, movies, or even in person.  You can also think of a design that might mean something special to you such as a hobbie, craft, etc.   Many people have tattoos in their pubic area, they can be incorporated into the design very nicely.  Remember, if you are going to use the trimmer method, it is not easy to do intricate work when you are only dealing with a fee small strands of hair per cubic centimeter.  If you want more intricate designs wait for the cooking cutter method that will be described below.

Step 2:  Once you have decided on a style you need to either use a picture and scale it to size or print a design offline.

Step 3:  You need to make sure you have enough area in your existing pubic hair to be covered by the image.  If you do not have enough area, either resize the image or wait until more hair grows in. 

Step 4:  You must trim the length of your hair down to atleast 1/4" length.  If the hair is much longer the design will not be as visible when finished.

Step 5:  Cut out the design you have photo copied and hold it over the area where you want the design to be.  While holding the design over the area carefully trim around the design.  Be careful not to trim too much as it will take a while to fix while waiting for  the hair to grow back. 

Step 6:  When you feel you have the design cut discard the paper and carefully trim the areas that need to be eliminated to make the design more clear.

Here is a small video that shows this method being done, but a design from paper was not used.  The shape being made is an arrow freehand.  Not as easy as it looks.

Remember, the design will become much more defined as time goes on and you do your regular upkeep as outlined in the upkeep section of this blog. 

If you are looking for the easiest and fastest way to have a design that looks great without a lot of work than I recommend what I call the "Cookie Cutter Method", I named it this because you actually use a common household cookie cutter to stencil the design into the hair.  You will need three things to accomplish this task.  The first item you will need to make your cookie cutter shape is the cookie cutter in the shape you desire.  Most department stores carry a good selection of different cookie cutters.  If you live by a Michael's or Joanne's Crafts stores they carry a much larger supply.  If there is a design you have in mind that you can't find then you might want to search Ebay or other online sources.  The second item you will need is the men's Nair I discussed in the Leg shaving section of this blog.  The third and final thing you will need is the whal trimmer discussed earlier in Pubic Hair Trimming.  The steps are easy and they surely make the job a lot easier than simply trying to do it from scratch with a trimmer only.

Step 1:  Trim the pubic area to a consistent length, 1/4" is a good length.

Step 2:  Place the cookie cutter in the exact spot you want the design to be.  Remember the cutter should cover the hair that you want left when finished.  Hold the cutter firmly against the body but DO NOT PRESS HARD!!!! (If you press hard the skin underneath the cutter will be forced into the cutter, the shape will then be skewed when removed. Take my word it will ruin the design.)

Step 3:  While holding the cookie cutter firmly in place, spread the Nair cream all over the area not covered by the cookie cutter.  This is the hair that will be removed leaving the design underneath the cutter.  Make sure to use plenty of the cream and get all the hair thoroughly covered.  Also it is very important to make sure to get plenty of the cream tight up to the edge of the cookie cutter all the way around the shape.  The better the edge is covered the better the definition will be of the design.

Step 4:  Wait 10 FULL MINUTES, while carefully holding the cutter in place rinse off the area with the shower and with a clean wash cloth, rub the hair off around the design.  Once rinsed well, remove the cookie cutter and carefully rub away the excess hair.  Wash the area well with shampoo and rinse well.  Dry the area and get ready to finish.

Step 5:  The design should now be pretty clear to see, but there are always areas that will need fine tuning with the whal trimmer.  Carefully trim away the hairs that do not belong to the design.

Here is a video of the exact procedure!

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